Brandon Campbell

Based in Austin, Texas

Art has been one of the constants throughout my life. I was introduced to stone carving at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX, my home town. I moved to Northern Virginia where I received my BFA from George Mason University. I returned to Texas and started work at Troublemaker studios in Austin. I have been a sculptor in the film industry for almost twenty years, and have had my work featured in both large and small budget films and commercials. I have gained many skillsets during that time, I work with metal, foam, clay, wood, plastic and any other material required for a project. The one medium I have always turned to in my studio is stone. Stone is natural, fragile, unforgiving, long lasting, time consuming, and takes a high level of craftsmanship to successfully work. Throughout my life I’ve always had a stone on my carving table, it is a clear and tangible way for me to process personal issues. Other than the occasional art show I have kept it to myself. 2020 has been a year of self-reflection for me and I am ready to make sculpting stone my focus and share it with the world.

My source of inspiration has always been nature. I try to capture movement and natural recurring shapes in stone. I do not force the stone but rather wait for it to reveal its shape, each piece has a different story to tell. Sacred geometry and spirituality have been key components in my development as an artist. Stone has been a great teacher throughout my life and hopefully through my sculptures I can share its lessons.

For the past five years I have primarily worked at Rooster Teeth productions as a sculptor & mold maker. I currently live in Austin with my wife and two awesome kids.