Clare Christie

Based in Austin, Texas

Clare Christie is an artist whose work concentrates on the harmony of movement and line to capture the energy of the horse. Her work reflects her years in the saddle training horses and teaching others to ride. Her time spent around the animals did more that’s give her a strong sense of the anatomy of the horse , it taught her to capture their physical strength and subtle body language. After graduating from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee Clare returned to Austin and created a body of work in bronze. She has created over forty works of art many of them commissioned bronze sculptures. While making pieces of particular sport horses she also developed a unique style of interpreting the moving horse with lines and shapes.

“This unique style was born from my life of training and observing horses. There is so much beauty in the way a horse moves, often it can be mesmerizing. My work emphasizes the horses energy and breaks it down into the essence of the beauty of that motion. The sculpture with its linear quality is light and lithe suggesting fleeting moments. A sense of rhythm and time is felt in the shadows that the piece makes on the wall behind it or the ground underneath it.”

When not working with horses at a farm on the south side of Austin, Clare can be found sculpting in her studio behind her home.