Howard Designs Too

Based in Bastrop, Texas

To say that these girls have spent their entire lives sculpting would not be an exaggeration. Gwyn and Gladys are the daughters of Clint and Jamie Howard, owners of one of the largest fine art foundries in the United States. These young ladies spent much of their early childhoods at Pyrology Foundry & Studio, and during that time were able to meet, learn from, and work with some of the most prolific sculptors of this generation.

What began as a fun hobby that allowed her to work alongside her sculptor father, quickly became a focus for Gwyn. By the age of 6, she had created 7 small clay sculptures (Wynnie’s Minis), which she assisted in molding, pulling waxes, casting, and adding patina. She participated in her first public art show at the age of 7 and was one of the top-selling artists of the weekend. Since that time, she has continued to expand her body of work to include tabletop and garden scale monuments.

Blessed with a boundless imagination, Gladys began creating her own unique and wonderful creations in 2021 at the age of 6. She built a large collection of clay originals over the ensuing 2 years, and her first bronze editions of those pieces will debut at the opening of Found Fine Art in November 2023. The release of these pieces also triggered the rebranding of “Wynnie’s Minis” to a joint venture, aptly named “Howard Designs Too.”

The art created by these ambitious young women are influenced greatly by their views of the world around them. The work is relatable and direct, yet whimsical and humorous. It is a snapshot of humanity’s fleeting innocence, preserved in one of the world’s most permanent and lasting mediums.

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