Jennifer Cook

Based in Fernandina Beach, Florida

I have always had a fascination with Art, animals and wild places. Just as happy to wander the halls of museums as the wooded trail, I marvel at the incredible creations of both nature and man. A graduate of the University of the Arts, I pursued a career in Commercial Art, sculpting prototypes for the toy and giftware industries, movie props, jewelry models, architectural elements and historical building restoration. Using the varied skills I have learned, I am now ready to return to my two great passions: Animals and Fine Art. In 2020, I was honored to be juried into the Society of Animal Artists as a Signature Member. Reptiles, specifically snakes, are my frequent inspiration because of their fluid forms, intricate details and endless design potential. I enjoy the challenge of revealing the beauty of creatures that are often feared, trying to use the unique power of Art to change often visceral reactions and instead cause the viewer to actively think about each animal in a more appreciative way. Hopefully, my sculpture inspires you, challenges you and changes your perceptions so that you can see the amazing beauty that I see in these animals and in our world.


Mission Statement

Art has the ability to inspire, create thought and change perceptions. With my sculpture, I try to explore the incredible beauty of reptiles and other animals without the visceral reaction and fear that is often associated with these creatures. I am frequently inspired by snakes’ fluid forms and intricate details, and my hope is that I can show others the splendor of these animals through Art and change the reaction from apprehension to appreciation.