Kit Casati

Based in Austin, Texas

Kit Casati’s admiration for rocks and minerals started in childhood, and now he transforms them into wearable art. His jewelry, swords and ‘hero props’ have been featured in dozens of movies, his sculptures reside in museums, galleries, churches, businesses and private collections.

One of his influences is the “infinite beauty found in nature” like the slices of Mongolian quartz or trapiche Colombian emeralds that represent rare situations. “When very specific conditions are met, the sacred geometry of the earth is frozen in time”, he says. But he also appreciates the “imperfections” in some stones such as the tourmalinated quartz which echo the human reality, “most of the time inclusions in stones bring down the value (but) to me, these inclusions are a metaphor of life, which is full of imperfections.”

Meteorites and Ethiopian opals have been a passion bordering on obsession for Kit. He has been integrating meteorites into wedding rings and ceremonial swords, and experimenting with new methods, for almost two decades. And his fascination with Ethiopian opals started when he bought a single stone and eventually taught himself to cut them from rough material.

Kit is committed to using responsibly-sourced materials for his jewelry, and has established strong collaborations with miners in various parts of the world. Making an engagement ring or wedding set is a labor of love, “it is a privilege for me to create a ring, a symbol that daily represents someone’s love and commitment,” he says. He believes the source of the materials and the intent of creation had a strong impact on the final piece.